Costa Rica’s Best…

One of the many meanings of ¡Pura Vida! is that it’s all good.  Our goal at CostaRicaTop10 is to have some fun and help others discover the very best of this amazing little country we’ve come to love.

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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica's location on the globeIf you’ve never been here you probably only know Costa Rica as a tiny country spanning the North American continent from the Pacific ocean to the Caribbean Sea south of Nicaragu and north of Panama but once you visit it becomes so much more.  Chase down some of the recommendations linked to the left and start learning the other meanings of ¡Pura Vida!

Your Suggestions

It feels a little pretentious when we start typing away on one of these top ten lists – who are we to decide what the “Best Costa Rica…” is? It’s a bit like picking the best of Mozart or Van Gogh. We do have some expertise after more than twenty years of traveling and living here, visiting attractions, staying in lodges, and exploring thousands of km of back roads and trails, but if you have suggestions we’d love to hear them!.