Why did we create Costa Rica Top Ten?

The Costa Rica Top Ten website started out all about fun.  People love top ten lists and the authors and guests that post lists and images here are no exception.

Who are we?

The core authors have years (some of us prefer not to admit how very many) of experience living and traveling in Costa Rica engaged in careers photographing, exploring, writing, studying, mapping, guiding, reviewing and recommending the best Costa Rica has to offer.

You’ll find some topics are repeated because we’ve invited guest authors including naturalists, restauranteurs, publishers, drivers, students, scientists, and even government agents who all have experiences different than ours but it’s all ¡Pura Vida!

Why are you here?

The top ten still is all about fun for the creators but has evolved into something more for visitors.  Top ten lists and infographics are a stunningly facile way to access information very quickly and simply.  You’re probably here because you stumbled on a useful list in a search or a friend recommended this as a good source of information about Costa Rica.  If you’ve got a unique perspective on ten things tico send it to us and we’ll share it with the world or just grab your favorite list and pin it, share it tweet it or e-mail it to someone you know.