How to Save $100 a Day on Your Costa Rica Vacation & Improve It

Skip the all inclusive Costa Rica resort

All inclusive resorts are great!  You know that you'll have buffet food and local drinks included in the price.  You know what your room will be like as you've stayed at other all inclusive chain resorts.  You know to expect the pool aerobics at 9 am and the congo line will liven things up at around 1 pm.  You know your bottom line ahead of time … [Read more...]

Should I Rent a Car in Costa Rica?

Driving in Costa Rica

If you're planning your vacation it's fairly likely that you're questioning whether or not to rent a car in Costa Rica.  On one hand, you have the freedom of driving your own vehicle, on the other, you have the responsibility that comes with it. Rental car versus chauffeured transfers There is a solid tourism infrastructure in Costa Rica, so … [Read more...]

Best Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Tabacon Hot Springs

There are scores of hot springs in Costa Rica, but you have to know where to look.  If you prefer the luxuries of a resort style experience, you won't have to look very hard.  But, if you prefer the all natural free version, you'll have to dig a little deeper as most of them are on private property or in protected areas that don't exactly encourage … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Top Ten Wildlife Viewing Tips & Secrets

Costa Rica wildlife

Here's looking at you from Costa Rica The monkeys, birds, frogs and other tropical wildlife of Costa Rica are out there waiting for you to arrive and with a bit of luck you'll come home with tons of great memories and even a few excellent photos. The Best Ways to Spot Wildlife in Costa Rica Go where the wildlife is - Seems obvious but … [Read more...]

About Costa Rica

Where on earth is Costa Rica? Spin the globe to highlight the location of Costa Rica, Central America

The top ten things to know about Costa Rica 1. Where in the world is Costa Rica?  Costa Rica is a tiny country spanning the narrow isthmus between North and South America spanning from the Pacific ocean to the west to the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic) on the east. 2. Costa Rica is NOT an island.  It is an isthmus connected to Nicaragua on the north … [Read more...]