Guide to Costa Rica’s Best Yoga Retreats & Studios

Beautiful Tranquil Yoga Settings

Creating a helpful guide to the best places to practice yoga in Costa Rica is difficult  because so much of the experience depends on the teacher and they are often transient.

Groups travel with instructors and studios host guest yogis from around the world or invite locals to use their facility.  Even the regular staff at the larger institutes tend to be by nature free spirits and it’s likely that a few of the ones who are around this season will be in Nepal or some other far flung location next year.


What remains constant are the spaces, and what inspiring spaces they are.

Map of Costa Rica Best Yoga Studios and Retreats
Map of Costa Rica Yoga Studios and Retreats


The best yoga platforms take advantage of the climate and surroundings creating stunning canvases en plein air as backdrops.  Some of my favorites are perched on cliffs overlooking the ocean crashing against the rocks below or open onto the rainforest with cicadas and tropical birds providing the soundtrack.

Since they are open spaces unpleasant environmental factors could come into play.  Fortunately, the owners and designers are nearly always practitioners and have considered the wind and rain, reduced the need for mosquito repellent with helpful plants and drainage and avoided traffic noise and dust through thoughtful architecture and placement.

Of course yoga doesn’t have to happen in a studio and you’ll often see sequences playing out on a nice warm flat rock in front of a tropical waterfall, on the beach at sunset, or the most amazing spontaneous poses on the deck of a stand up paddle board (SUP) gliding across a calm bay in the Pacific.

Photo Guide

Since it’s nearly impossible to take selfies while posing and darn rude to start snapping photos of others in their routines most of the photos are via the respective websites. The photo guide below is in random order (see Guide to Yoga Page Two for ordered list).



  1. islandgirl23 says

    I learned yoga in Costa Rica and have not been able to find a class in the US that incorporates the spirituality and peace you get out of yoga in Costa Rica whether it be on a beach at sunrise or as Arenal Volcano as a backdrop. Yoga in Costa Rica is an experience that transformed my body and soul.

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