Top Ten Complaints about Living in Costa Rica

Traffic can be so bad that it is faster to walk across the central valley than drive.

Always look on the bright side, but it's not a good idea to bury your head in the sand - even if it’s on a beautiful beach.  Costa Rica was declared the happiest place on earth a few years ago but there are negative things that don't make anyone smile. These are some of the most common complaints and concerns we've heard from expats who've … [Read more...]

Top 10 Questions About Living in Costa Rica

Questions about living in Costa Rica?

After living in Costa Rica for nearly a decade, I have been asked just about every relocation question you could think of.  What is the cost of living?  Is it safe?  Can I work there?  So today, I decided to put the top 10 questions in writing as there seems to be a general lack of information out there.  There is a comments section at the bottom … [Read more...]