Ten Steps to Instant Beach Fashion

Forgot your sundress and the beach volleyball players you’ve been ogling while pretending to watch the monkeys in the coconut palms just invited you for a drink at the fancy (they  use real glassware instead of plastic Imperial beer cups) beach bar?  Don’t panic!

10 clever steps to create beach fashion from a t-shirt
Don’t want to look like a sausage wrapped in a sandy beach towel? Try this from Creative Ideas on FB!

Grab an XXL t-shirt from the vendor (in the shade under the monkey tree probably) and start wrapping. In a matter of seconds you’ll be transformed with this clever and stylish beach dress that might even turn into a topic of conversation that gets you past those first awkward moments.

Instructions for fashion conscious guys

Just pull the t-shirt over your head and wear it.  You’d look silly as hell with it pleated up over your man boobs.


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