Top 10 Things I Love About Costa Rica

A top 10 list of my favorite things about Costa Rica.
The hardest thing about coming up with this list was to limit it to only 10 things. What are your favorite things about Costa Rica?

10) If you get tired of watching the sunrise on the Caribbean, you can drive to the Pacific for the sunset.

9)  There are still plenty of places where there are more monkeys than people.

8)  Arenal Volcano – It’s the only place I know of that you can go canyoning in the morning, rafting in the afternoon and hot springing at night.

7)  Have you ever been face to face with a wild 500 pound tapir or had the spine tingling feeling of walking through jaguar territory?  Go to Corcovado.  It’s one of the wildest places on Earth!

6)  The food!  Start the day off with a cup of 100% Costa Rican Leyenda dark roast coffee, gallo pinto with juevos rancheros and fresh local fruit.  For lunch, save a few bucks with a typical casado (choice of meat, rice and salad) or go large with arroz con camarones (delicious rice and shrimp plate).  Top off the day with a thick, juicy, Guanacaste steak and tall glass of Imperial – ‘nuff said.

5)  When’s the last time a complete stranger gave you a genuine smile? You’ll lose track in a day here!

4)  Driving – There’s never a dull moment.  Don’t forget your map, GPS, co-pilot, Waze app, shovel, rope, machete, and spare tire!

3)  Over 25% of the land is protected in national parks and reserves.  Can you imagine if every country did this?

2)  The landscape is incredible – Active volcanoes, towering mountain ranges that ascend into the clouds, jungles, waterfalls, mangroves and nearly 300 beaches on two coasts!

1)  ¡Pura Vida Mae!  It’s a way of life…


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